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Kimchi is personal whether you grew up with it or not.  Everyone has an opinion, whether it’s about the level of spice, fermentation, or the choice of produce.

The seasonings and flavors of our sauces are traditional but their application is suited for the modern cook.  Make small amounts, eat seasonal, preserve your harvest. Save time and make less mess.

Curate your personal experience, whether it’s kimchi or more: dips, marinades, seasoning.

The curatability of our product embraces social responsibility.  With food waste being a serious issue in this country, we encourage people to get creative with kimchi, tackle food waste by practicing root-to-fruit eating.  Kimchi can be made with just about any fruit or vegetable.

Get the most out of your ingredients.

  • Use the off-cuts and unused excess you would have thrown away and turn them into integral ingredients.

  • Make something more nutritious, delicious, naturally.

  • Wasting less is smart economics & mindful of our planet.

All our ingredients are FREE of - gmo, gluten, artificial additives & preservatives.  We use organic whenever possible.  Our ingredients include grains and fresh raw vegetables.  We strive to bring the best quality to our products, to represent our roots and share the love that goes into feeding our family & friends.