labneh with kimchi oil & roasted almonds


Line a strainer with coffee filter(s), spoon yogurt into the filter. Place the strainer over a bowl and cover. Place in fridge 6hr-overnight.

Kimchi oil:
In a pan, throw in minced garlic (2-3 cloves, to taste), minced shallots, dollop of Kimchi Sauce; pour olive oil, enough to cover the contents completely. On low heat, let it come to a gentle simmer, stir. As it starts to simmer, throw in chopped roasted almonds (any nut works). Season with a pinch of salt & sugar. Heat the nuts through and turn off the heat. Let the contents cool to room temperature before you pour over the labneh.

I like to make extra kimchi oil, as labneh works it’s way down, top off with more kimchi oil mixture.

Garnish with chopped roasted nuts.

The recipe is curatable and extra kimchi oil is delicious with:

  • good crusty bread

  • drizzled over your:

    • eggs

    • hummus

    • soup

  • add mayo or cream cheese to make a sandwich spread or simply on its own.

suin park