kimchi slaw

slaw over rice.jpg

kimchi over rice is sometimes all you need to make a healthy complete meal. At the end of the day all you want is something simple, flavorful with little effort without compromise. This was a go-to for my mom and I find myself doing the same: fresh, delicious, full of contrasting textures.

You can have this simple slaw kimchi in no time and any leftovers taste even better later, as the flavors continue to dance.

all you need:

  • fresh produce such as carrots, radish, onions, chives/green onions, apples (you get the idea)

  • make thin matchsticks out of all your produce; slice the green onions on a bias (looks pretty) and throw all the contents into a bowl that is big enough to mix.

  • dollop(s) of kimchi sauce, to taste.

  • mix thoroughly; if you use less sauce, go ahead and season with salt & sugar (optional).

  • garnish: sesame seeds, fresh veggies as show in photo (enoki mushrooms, cucumber, cabbage), gochujang sauce, sesame oil (optional)

  • serve over rice, quinoa, grains or noodles & enjoy!

refrigerate any leftovers, good up to 3-5 days; the liquid that seeps out of the veggies should definitely be used too, it’s full of good nutrients.

suin park