Original fermented Kimchi Sauce, 8oz.

Original fermented Kimchi Sauce, 8oz.


Our Original kimchi sauce reflects the classic kimchi flavor, a savory depth of flavor that results from the addition of fish and seafood.

Ingredients: onion, water, dried red chili pepper flakes, sand lance sauce (sand lance, anchovy, small fish, natural sea salt), rice, garlic, salted shrimp (shrimp, salt), cane sugar, ginger, salt.  

Delicious with:

  • fresh pineapple, apples, pears, mangos - along with some fresh mint & shallots.

  • eggs made any which way.

  • stir-fry with chopped cauliflower, japanese eggplant.

  • season you ramen, soups.

  • add kick to your dips/marinades, mac & cheese.

  • add mayo for sandwich spread.

  • fresh slaw: matchstick carrots/radish/sliced onions with green onions and serve over rice or mix into your bibimbap.

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